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Dental Implant Experts

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants


In the simplest words possible, a dental implant is a metal device that can replace a missing or damaged teeth permanently. This device comes from surgical titanium, which fits in the jawbone before the professional dentist fixes the bridge or the replacement tooth. The procedure results in permanent artificial teeth fixed to the jawbone for not only a natural look but also a long lasting natural feeling. The innovative dental replacement procedure started in 1952 when more than thirty million people in America had dental challenges. A famous health practitioner discovered that a bone could grow close to titanium before other medical uses of the unique metal followed. Since then, dental implants are widely in use for replacement of missing teeth, repair of severely damaged teeth and cosmetic dentistry to restore the desired smile.


Dental implant presently involves fixing the titanium implant below the surface of the gum to allow the jawbone to fuse with the titanium metal. The clearwater dentist refracts the gum tissue to identify the most suitable for the titanium implant, taking great care to avoid damaging any blood vessels and nerves. The bone grows gradually around the titanium implant within three to six months during which your dentist may fix some temporary teeth before designing your permanent replacement. Next, you dentist fixes the permanent tooth once the implant and the jawbone fuse. A dental implant can take up to nine months, of course, depending on the rate of growth of your bone and the time required to  secure the implant.


Currently, some interesting innovations are coming up to enhance dental implants. The latest cutting-edge procedure available in Clearwater Florida may require only one dental office visit. During preliminary dental assessment session, the dentist in clearwater florida takes a three-dimension image of the jaw and manipulates it with the advanced computer software for a more precise anatomy of your jaw without looking in your mouth. Based on the clear and accurate images, your dentist designs the implant without having to refract your gum tissue for inspection. The dentist fabricates your permanent dental replacement ready to fix it on your next visit to the dental office.


Dental implant results in some benefits compared to other procedures. It allows replacement or repair of one or more teeth without anchoring it to the surrounding teeth affecting them. With the latest dental implant services, there is no need for removable partial dentures since they can support a bridge permanently. Lastly, the outcome of this procedure guarantees restoration of your smile, which boosts your self-confidence. To learn more about dental implants, you can visit